Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who do YOU inspire?

Who do you inspire?

This is a thought I have put on the t-shirts I make. Interestingly enough Kathy Sierra recently blogged about inspiration . And she gave a loooot of good places to read about it (thanks Kathy!).

Let´s not only look for inspiration but also ask ourselves that. We look for inspiration in numerous places, people, events... It would be nice to at least make the effort to spread that inspiration unto others.

So…who do YOU inspire?

Monday, November 27, 2006

gUd LaiF Manifesto

I have been thinking about this for a while. Hopefully it will continue to evolve.

I decided to post it when Hugh Mac Leod asked for Manifestos to change the world in 500 words or less. There is a lot of inspiring stuff you can read here.

So here it goes:

I declare that, in order to change the world, there are a few things we can start with. Around love, lack of fear and peace of mind.

Please, as you read it ask yourself ¨What if everyone, starting with myself, put this into practice?¨ And ask yourself again ¨Is there any reason why we cannot do this?¨:

1. LOVE is the only currency to exchange for our actions. You do something and you are paying with love. Something is done unto you, and it is done with love. Nothing wrong with this. More efficient than money.

2. Fear of failure is Evolution´s bottleneck. Fear represents LACK OF TRUST. In what? In life, yourself and what you can achieve with the two.

3. Kill your EGO. When you do things without the need to feed your own ego, something strange and beautiful happens. We all know it, we´ve all done it. It´s just that we forget it very often.

4. It´s all God´s copyright. Ideas are born in us for the benefit of mankind. Adopt a ¨wikipedia state of mind¨. Knowledge is for sharing.

5. World peace begins in your mind. From a school fight to the forgotten wars in this world. Everything begins with somebody not having peace of mind. Why? How can it be solved? Refer to point #1.

6. Declare yourself UNCOOL by materiali$tic standards. Yes, it´s always about the material aspects. Enough of being cool on the outside. This would save us a lot ¨relationship inefficiencies¨.

7. Who do YOU inspire? Inspiration feeds our desire to change things. We look for inspiration everywhere. When we find it, who do we pass it on to?

This can be summed up in the following: be gud . live laif.

What are your answers to the 2 questions above?


Patience is Wisdom´s secret weapon.

You have a goal and a strategy to get there.

Then obstacles come in your way and the path becomes elaaaaaaastic (the finish line seems further away) and the desire to quit or postpone says ¨Hello, can I help you?¨

What do you do? Persevere with patience.

Focus + ¨everything happens for a reason¨ mindset + patience = you name it

What would you name it?