Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weekend in Spain

Off to Spain tomorrow. Friday in Madrid, Saturday and Sunday in Barcelona for Javi´s wedding (that´s the official XPLANATION ;-). Good times.

It´s getting together with close friends with whom I lived six years (memorable moments like ¨gatito, gatiiiitooo...¨, Ildefonso, pears, ¨vaya mmmmiiieerrrda de díaaa!!!¨.....). I´ll post a photo or two next week. Null blogging for me until Tuesday.
Meanwhile, enjoy this...pure life. Awesome.

Laif is gud. Enjoy...

Monday, March 05, 2007


Es mentira que todo tienda al desorden....solo a la reorganización. Lo que pasa es que nos ponemos incómodos cuando vemos que es una manifestación nueva de la realidad. Pura resistencia al cambio, vamos.

Eso es lo que me digo cuando veo mi escritorio...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Effort & everything

Thought of the day:
Real love (like everything that´s done in life ¨for real¨) is not worrying about ROI. In fact, real love´s ROI is infinite, like everything that´s done authentically.
Ironically, the more authentic (ergo ¨the more you¨) the less effort it takes to do it.

I´m going to call the intersection of both curves ¨compromise point¨. What compromise? Happiness, due to fear. Love´s commoditization, hah.

What do you think?