Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Monday, June 04, 2007

Would you like BALANCE with that?

Back from the Dominican Republic. Two words: Alignment (my favorite word lately) and Balance. That´s how you can sum up the benefits of having a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) methodology in your company. That´s what I told the potential client (the purpose of the trip was to tell the success story of implementing a PPM methodology in our Company).

Something I realized during my visit: these people GET IT. I´m talking about the joy of living and taking it easy. Granted they´re a developing country and you begin to see ¨first world-like activity¨ in the city (rush hour, horns, rising prices, etc). But when you interact with them you still get the paused and HONEST ¨Hello, how are you?¨ that all of us fake in the other places I´ve lived in. It makes you smile back to them and CONNECT.

I wonder if it´s because they still have alignment and balance in their lives...

This is a view of the beautiful garden and pool in the Hotel El Embajador.