Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Command-and-control Management & Oppressive Religion

Command-and-control management and oppressive religion. Two ways of generating fear and distrust. The two recipes for mediocrity.

There´s a common approach in both of them:

Oppresive Religion: Ok, there is a God that is watching your every move and this is WHAT you must and must not do in life, and the terrible things that will happen if you don´t obey.

Rather, tell me ¨you are already saved, the God I talk about wants you to be happy, and this is HOW he suggests you live...by the way, He loves you infinitely and, really, it is in his best interest that you enjoy this life to the fullest. It´s ok if you screw up every once in a while, you´re only human, just don´t do it on purpose.¨

WHAT: kill, steal, fornicate, hate,...
HOW: Attentive, naturally, passionately, thankfully, curiously, openly...

Command-and-control Management: Ok, I am your boss/supervisor, I am responsible for your acts in this company. Here´s the Decalogue of things you must and must not do during the time you are in this building.
Rather, tell your employee HOW to better develop his or her talents at work, and how by achieving their annual goals, they will contribute to the success of the Company.

WHAT: code, corporate style, position, title,...
HOW: pride, passion, creativity, desire to achieve.

Adopting the first approach shows lack of trust in the human being. If you don´t trust the people in your Company, why would you have them there in the first place?