Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Change the World

How do YOU plan to change the World?


How do YOU plan to change the World?

I think it starts with ¨how do I plan to change my world?¨, but even before that, just like a friend of mine said the other day:
¨Discovering YOUR truth shall make you FREE.¨

Again, it starts from within. ACCEPTANCE.

And speaking of positive impact....out of curiosity:

How does YOUR COMPANY change the world? Don´t give me the mission statement. What is your Company´s truth?

UPDATE: Or...what is YOUR lie? Asked gapingvoid style. I´m going to make a t-shirt that says:
¨Hugh MacLeod says it better¨ and send it to Hugh. He´ll probably think it´s lame and give it away...or wear it.

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