Monday, January 01, 2007


Feliz Año Nuevo. Happy New Year.

My only resolution is to continue to make sure everything I do brings two things to my life. I´ve come to accept that worrying about the future is trying to outsmart God. So, the best way to live life is based on PEACE (of mind) and FLOW. Good things have come my way since I adopted this mindset and, better yet, many more will come (there´s purpose, alignment, etc).

I wish you the happiness that comes to your life when these two words are the basis of your actions. Happy 2007 and God bless.

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Marie said...

great road, kiki! i think anonymus made me read all of your posts...great chap, for sure! great future in some little island...?
surely hope the best for you and yours!
curious? ask lu...