Sunday, February 04, 2007

What is missing

Months ago I drew my vision of incompleteness. Listening to Jack Johnson this morning, decided to share it. Laif is gud.

Looking for a place to link the word ¨incompleteness¨ to, I came across this. Turns out a scientist by the name of Kurt Gödel said this in 1931:

If an axiomatic system can be proven to be consistent and complete from within itself, then it is inconsistent.
I´ll take it to everyday life, with the excuse of Mr. Gödel:
You do, say, feel etc. with your own set of beliefs. In order to prove it consistent and complete you need to use a more consistent set of beliefs than that of yours. In order for that set of beliefs to be convincing, its consistency must have been proven without using yours.
ERGO, since love is been proven consistent by itself, why not place it as our core value?

Time here to mention the great way in which Collective Soul expresses it in their song ¨Listen¨.

Oprah Winfrey nails it as well: "I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear."

In your opinion, what is missing in the world to make ourselves complete (i.e. achieve our full potential)?

Rather ¨deep¨ morning. ;-)

Laif is gud. Cheers,

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