Sunday, March 25, 2007

Found all you were looking for?

Formalism: the doctrine that formal structure rather than content is what should be represented.

The ¨What¨:
Borders trains employees to ask every customer ¨Found all you were looking for?¨ at check out. If the answer is negative, the employee will offer the customer help on the items not found, which will lead to a new sale and increased customer satisfaction.

The ¨How¨:
As I was paying in the San Juan store the other night I heard:
Cashier: ¨Found all you were looking for Today?¨
Customer: No.
Cashier: ¨Ok, it´s $18.94¨.

Wait!! Weren´t you supposed to say something else? Why did you bother to ask in the first place?

Gap: a conspicuous disparity or difference between things.

It´s that gap between what is defined and HOW it is executed that marks the difference from a company to another. It´s usually in the little things.

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