Monday, April 09, 2007

The truth II

Following the track of coincidence I arrived at this post and wanted to share it. The entire blog is worthy of reading (I know someone in Venezuela who will love to discover it) but this particular one...

¨This little willingness to know 'What Is' is enough. It does the rest for us. It knows it's own way into our conscious awareness and asks only that we give it welcome. In fact, by trying to add more we take away the little that is asked. We don't need to learn or practice anything or change at all, just come with empty hands and see. It is totally trustworthy.
We are perfect exactly as we are. So no more looking for answers and let's come see for ourselves instead.¨

It´s funny how the attitudes that work in life work also in business but we turn our backs on them. When was the last time you attended a meeting/sales presentation/contract negotiation where everyone brought this attitude?
  • willingness to know versus fear of not knowing
  • open mind and common goal versus (hidden) agendas
  • trust versus suspicion
...and we still wonder why we can´t get things done and aren´t happy at work.

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