Thursday, December 13, 2007

More versus less

Words of wisdom for the day, by Seth Godin: “More is easy to sell. Less almost never is”.

Yesterday I was thinking about the “positive-action oriented” rather than “negative-action deterrent” ways of saying things or giving feedback. “Don’t do this” versus “do more of (the opposite)” .

If we are to achieve our goals, and we want to align everyday actions with the long-term vision, I suggest we approach things from a standpoint of DOING rather than NOT DOING. The latter leads to inaction, that leads to fear of failure. And fear of failure is Evolution's bottleneck.


Anonymous said...

Encuentres lo que te encuentres, "use this time to further develop your inner strength".jrj.

Joaquín said...

Exacto. Work on your strengths, rather than try to fill your weaknesses.¨ Lo mismo dicen en el libro ¨Now, discover your strengths¨.