Monday, January 28, 2008

Intelligent quotes remain

So it turns out that trying to get something from someone is really not a selfish act. At least not if you want to be successful.

Dale Carnegie wrote ¨How to win friends and influence people¨. A central idea to the book is that there is only one way to make someone do something; and that is by making that person WANT to do it.
So the next question is: how to MAKE someone WANT to do something?
Enter Charles Green, author of ¨The Trusted Advisor¨ blog. ¨In order to get someone to buy from you something she needs, first you need to understand what it is that she wants (in life).¨

Is what you´re asking for ALIGNED with the other person´s values and desires?

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Kerelisse said...


Siguiendo la línea de pensamiento, yo tengo un quote en mi escritorio, aunque ya no me acuerdo de donde lo saque, que dice lo siguiente:

"People greatly prefer to buy what they need from those who understand what it is they want. You don't have to give them what thay want; it's enough to understand them. Relationships are the context of successful selling."

Y es cierto, además que aplica en todos nuestros contextos: relaciones de trabajo, amistades, familiares, team work.

It's all about genuiunely caring.

"People don't care how much I know until they know how much I care" -John maxwell