Monday, June 09, 2008

Public Service Announcement for Spam victims

Do you live in Puerto Rico? Have you been getting lots of spam  sms messages (unsolicited, irrelevant to you, stuff that just interrupts and annoys you) on your phone for a while now? Signed by

Call them and tell them you don´t want their unsolicited e-mails. I did and, contrary to my expectations (I thought this was an AT&T thing that I´d have to stand if I wanted sms service), it stopped. They did say they got the information from my carrier (shame on you AT&T...Yes, I know that must be somewhere in our Terms of Agreement. Shame on you still).
I´ll spare you the visit to their website. Their phone is (787) 707-0750. And  they do spam phones other than AT&T´s.

Happy end of spamming season.

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