Saturday, November 15, 2008

I can´t I can´t I can´t

Thought I´d share this.
If I write anything I´ll ruin it...

Maybe this toon from a while ago helps:

The lesson for companies: how many Nick Vujicic attitudes do we have?
Okay. Or first: do we think this attitude will take us farther than the fearful ones?
Then why do we insist on instilling control over trust?

We promote fearful behaviors. And we make decisions about our professional future, our dreams, our everyday responsibilities....based on that fear.

Why? Why the first thought that crosses our minds is ¨hhhmm...don´t think so...¨ or ¨who? me!? Naahhh...¨
Maybe cause we don´t want to let ourselves down, or we don´t want to think we can and then be wrong when we fail (one failure is enough).

I guess I´m forgetting the positive side of this.
Life is too interesting to settle for living without knowing ¨what could have been¨.
If you dream about it, go TRY IT!

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be” ~ George Sheehan (via jungle of life)


mark_hayward said...

Nice post, Joaquin! That toon, as it pertains to the business world, is spot on, I think...

Fear can hold us back, but it can also motivate us to strive to be, and do, more.

Joaquín said...

Agree Mark, we do more when we overcome it. I find the process of finding out HOW, fascinating.