Monday, November 13, 2006

Two simple questions...

Ok, so I was thinking about these to simple questions I asked myself the other day...

- Everyday, I put a lot of effort into...what?
- What is important to me?

When I talk about Project Portfolio Management in Companies I normally mention that ¨it gives you the tools to answer the question: are we doing the right things...the right way?¨

In order to set your Company on its way to having an optimized portfolio of projects, there are two questions you have to answer very clearly:
- What am I doing? What is the set of projects I am investing my time and resources in?
- What are my business objectives?

What you are looking for in your answers is: ALIGNMENT. Simple? Would you bet half the companies out there can say that what they do everyday is ALIGNED with what they SHOULD be doing according to their business objectives?

What I am trying to say is this: how much time do we lose doing things that are NOT important to us? And more importantly....WHY? But that´s another story, worthy of another post.

So, think about it. Share your thoughts. What is important for you? What are you investing your time and skills in? Is what you are doing EVERYDAY aligned with what is important to you?

Do you see a gap? Do you plan to close it?

I see a t-shirt coming out of this...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog, I suddenly saw that I really don´t have Alignment in my life!!
I´m not a company, but as a human being, I should organize my life so that I could add to it,many things that are really important to me too.
I realized just now,that maybe I am not doing it the right way! I need to ORGANIZE my life, although it is a life which depends on my husband´s circumstances most of the time, but I have to live a little for my dreams too. I really could if I got better organized.Noone stops me, because I am quite free to an extent, but not an organized person.
This blogging thing can be one for me!! I would love to write my thoughts! thank you for opening up a new window in my days.My home is my only project, and I guess I can invest my time and resources in a few more rewarding things I can achieve...thus handling in a better and more rewarding project management in my own life!