Wednesday, November 15, 2006


With this ¨start with chapter 2¨ approach on my first post (which I think is a great one, by the way), I haven´t introduced this blog yet.
Why do I blog? What do I blog about?
I think blogging is a great way to enter this ¨global conversation¨ the web is becoming. I write about life in general, and then try to make a contribution. How?

A few years ago I thought:
- Conversations are the best way to share thoughts, feelings, etc.
- We all deserve a good life, but often don´t know how to live it.
- T-shirts are a powerful way to start conversations.

Why not put together the three: life, t-shirts and the desire to live a gud laif? I established my mantra: be gud. live laif. Why written like this? I couldn´t decide wether English or Spanish, so I opted for writing it in English the way it would be read in Spanish (you get the idea...).

And so the idea was born. Every once in a while I make t-shirts with thoughts on them. Thoughts about life in general, generally those that I believe contribute to living a better life. That´s the reason the brand name is gud laif. Some are statements, some are questions that want to trigger additional thoughts. Then those t-shirts become conversations when worn by someone.

By writing these thoughts on a blog and inviting you to join to the conversation, I want to take this a step further. I want to start a small yet global conversation on life...and make t-shirts.



Anonymous said...

I have seen your T-shirts, and I love them! I guess you have to start selling them. This Xmas season would be a great time to start offering them to stores or by internet!

Anonymous said...

I think its very nice what you`re trying to do ...
using tshirts that says something that you`re agree with ...
makes you share a piece of you with everyone
i really like your thoughts :)
---> keep going !