Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Full Potential

Having written a bit about achieving full potential and being convinced as I am that getting there is paramount for living a gud laif, it was very refreshing this morning to see a post by Chris Nel on Tom Peters´blog.

Words of wisdom. Hell yeah, let´s get over 20th century management and start redefining business relationships. Base them not on control, but on TRUST. Distrust is one of those lame self-fulfilling prophecies (I thank my boss for teaching me how to identify one).

For all it´s worth, let´s base our lives on trust as a means to achieve our full potential and that of the people around us. Genuine trust. The kind that allows me to genuinely know you and by which I believe in who you are and what you say. When I have questions, doubts, I openly talk about them with you, because I believe in you and trust you...and because it´s the best thing for both of us, not just me.

Yes, it´s that simple...and it still gives you the butterflies, huh?

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