Sunday, January 28, 2007

I agree

LinkMichele is one of my mentors and she´s kindly lent me a book called ¨Leadership is an art¨ by Max De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller.

I am eating up the book, and there is one word I can use to describe what I think about his view on leadership: agreement. I´ve tried to express it in the photo above (that´s the book with the shadow of my face projected on it...trying to give the blog an artistic touch ;-)

The book starts talking about achieving your full potential, to me the cornerstone of a good life. Then he goes on to statements like these, which should be ¨graffittied¨ in some managers´ office walls:
¨To make a commitment, any employee should be able to answer ¨yes¨ to the following question: Is this a place where they will let me do my best?¨
¨Would you rather work as a part of an outstanding group or be a part of a group of outstanding individuals?¨

He asks this, because trust is a result of understanding the different gifts people bring to the table. And trust, like full potential, is built and achieved by people, not structures.

So...what structure in your life is preventing you from achieving your full potential? Is it external...or internal?

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