Sunday, November 19, 2006

God´s copyright

Ok, so I came across this thought and I like it.

Please stop worrying about copyright ownership, patents, lawsuits, etc. It´s not important. Knowledge IS for sharing. It´s all about giving, not taking anymore. I love the way Hugh MacLeod puts it (another Hughnality. By the way, don´t forget to check out the apocalyptic views of the conspiracy theorists that commented on that post...sad). Thanks Hugh. That is one of the reasons why I am optimistic about the future. Technology, web 2.0, etc. are making it easier to give the best of ourselves to others. Copyright ownership? Making money in the process? It´s not important.

PS. I googled this ¨God´s copyright¨ point of view and didn´t find any entry. There must be something out there, right? Can you help me find it?

Oh, and yes...I see another t-shirt coming out of this. :-)

UPDATE: Another great way to say this loud and clear, by Doc Searls (via Matt Mullenweg).

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