Sunday, November 19, 2006

Keep going

Somebody told me this the other day and I think it´s great:

Winston Churchill once said ¨If you´re going through hell, keep going¨.

So much for making a big deal out of bad moments. Keep going!
(I guess I could use this today, when hangover has taken control...)



Anonymous said...

I guess it is soo true... hell in life can only be a short experience! so keep going, until it gets better.......

Joaquín said...

Right. And don´t stay there, infecting others with your misery. Get on the train instead making it stop by lying on the railroad whining.

Anonymous said...

JaJA!! I Got it! you had a great night on the 18th!! good for you!

Michele Hunt said...

"I am sized by laughter every time I remember how I used to think - and you apparently still think - that one might set up a happy, honest little world and lead a peaceful, quiet, faultless life, beyond reproach, serenely doing only what is right. What nonsense! It can't be done! Any more than one can keep fit without exercise, just by holding still. To live an honest life, you must struggle, stray, do battle, make mistakes, begin, give up, start over, quit again, fight and lose without end. Peace is spiritual degradation"

Leo Tolstoy (in a letter to Alexandra Tolstoy